Amazing Serbia

Set out from Belgrade and discover the best Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina have to offer. Tour the most prominent destinations, learn all about the history and culture of the region and venture into the hills of Zlatibor for a day in untouched nature.

Day 1- Arrival and city tour

Get ready for a tour of Serbia's capital after a stop at the hotel. Visit all of Belgrade's major attractions while learning about the cities past and present.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2- Novi Sad

A full day trip to Novi Sad which is just a short drive from Belgrade. Visit attractions such as the White Pearl of Novi Sad and a 19th-century fortress and find out why Novi Sad is called Europe minor.
Day 3- Zlatibor

Venture further south towards Zlatibor for a change of pace. Get away from the city for a day as you explore Serbia's southern mountains and relax in a pristine natural environment.
Day 3
Day 4
Day 4-Sarajevo

Continue your tour of the Balkans with a visit and stay in Sarajevo, one of the most culturally diverse capitals in the world. Take your time to rest and prepare for a city tour the next day with some local cuisine.
Day 5-Sarajevo tour

Walk down Bascrasija and Sarajevo's Old Town and learn all about the cities tumultuous history before you go for another trip through nature, this time to the Spring of the river Bosnia, just outside Sarajevo.
Day 5
Day 6
Day 6- Cultural tour of Sarajevo

Get ready for a day of learning as you visit Sarajevo's most interesting museums as well as War Tunnels. Along the way indulge in the sweets and cuisine Sarajevo is most well-known-for.