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With 9 years of experience serving the most discerning clients and making their dream vacations a reality, we at Superluxury travel can proudly declare ourselves as travel experts, especially when it comes to the Balkan and Central European region. Our region of operations may often be overlooked when world-class destinations are listed but we know, just as any who do come to visit, how much we have to offer. From the azure waters of the Adriatic, past the Alpine peaks of Slovenia all the way to the Gothic wonderland of Prague, we provide the finest accommodation, luxury charters and transfer services as well as personalized tours and authentic experiences.

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At Superluxury travel, our first and foremost concern is the experience of our client. Our personalized approach, knowledge of every of the region's most hidden nooks and crannies and flexibility when it comes to changing plans on the fly ensure we provide the utmost quality service possible which is befitting of our clientele.